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 Are you looking for a deeper meaning in your private or career life? Do you feel stuck, blocked, in pain or just not motivated enough?
How Intuitive Healing can help you:

By employing a combination of intuitive dowsing healing, Reiki and crystal therapy, with a life coach training and mindset, I offer assistance for healing at physical body, and at the emotional and mental level, while providing the grounding and clarity to find solutions and move the clients life in a different direction. Intuitive dowsing healing is a straightforward and safe method to connect to the unseen (higher self and guides and subconscious mind) to seek answers and solutions to questions and unbalance, and to heal using pendulum ability to receive as well as generate energy due to its Sacred Geometry design. I perform clearing, balancing and healing using in the same time intuitive dowsing and Reiki, a natural and safe Japanese technique of energy healing. For grounding and overall protection and raising vibration, I use special programmed and energized crystals. Crystals are a part of Mother Earth, carrying Earth energy that interacts with human energy field raising the vibration and sustaining healing.  Together, all three complementary healing techniques, will help you activate your inner healing mechanisms, by clearing the blockages and unbalance at all levels that prevents it, at all levels and connect to your higher self and your inner power, freedom and purpose. Time does not heal, only us can do that by bringing to awareness the cause of unbalance and to our choices and lifestyle attached to them.

What to expect?
  •  Grounding, peace, clarity and connection.

  •  Deep relaxation and and feeling present.

  •  Pain relief at all levels.

  •  Released energy blocks, feeling lighter and aware.

  • Cleansed body from toxins and healthier immune, circulatory and nervous system.

  • Focus and motivation.

  • Improved sleep.

  • Compassion and acceptance.

  • Compliments medical treatment and other therapies.

Available Treatments
  • Intuitive Coaching and Healing Session

  • Online or in person full body Cleaning and Alignment

Available Services
  • Crystals selection, cleaning and programming

  • Connecting with and learning to work with spirit animals

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