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Abandoment fear

For sure something I have worked with and experienced a lot. Comes from early days and years and is something not uncommon looking at other people around me. Also kept and sometimes still keeps me in a cycle of getting approval, support or protection- aka non abandoment from other people to whom I give in a way my power otherwise they might leave. And for sure them leaving is not even that bad as most coping thorugh bad times and inspiration for good times for me went hand in hand with being alone. The way I am dealing now with it is by accepting it and doing nothing. I do not need a solution for not being abandoned ...if I am I am going to be just fine, I just need to accept it and stay with the fear and discomfort it brings. And then goes away. Because noone deserves my power except me- and there are solutions to problems. And not solutions to poeple motivations for their actions, but to their behaviours and choices. Again noone deserved to give away my power- including fear and grief. And that is a choice I cam make for myself.

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