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Compassion - the key to a healthier life

Compassion for me is the key to happiness and to love. Compassion, as the attempt to help others in all forms, from saying thank you, to lending a helping hand when the other is in need. As in support, when vulnerable or in grief. Compassion reminds us, how much we are interconnected and alike in some moments. Compassion accompanies love as is strongly connected to caring. Includes compassion for oneself and the exact compassion for myself that I found the most difficult to give. I sometimes stepped over myself in ways I find cruel to do to others, because I could not see or accept my own vulnerability, pain and interconnection. I was locked in self criticism and shame and that sometimes prevented my ability to truly see the ones around me. In the same way that I refused to see me and not an invented image of whom I thought I should have been.

I exhausted myself in my attempt to help others that thought all that was their birthrights and could not be there for me. And continued in my hope that the relationship was going to change that was pure illusion. It was my own choice to do this and not their fault for being whom they were. I also met kind people that treated me with compassion and that freaked me out, because was new for me. From some of those people eventually I started learning compassion for me. And more and more with healing come compassion.

Compassion is not a holiday theme, a Christmas fashion, but a lifelong choice. And starts with me and you and everyone else.

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