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Control and trust

Control and trust, especially self trust are antagonist. This blog has been dwelling in my journey with control, that was a large part of my life and that a successful strategy at the time put in place and a hindrance for growth and joy later on. Control is the opposite of trust and self trust. Control is about that if situations, people and events happen in our own terms then we are safe. And the price we pay for that safety is pushing part of our life and opportunities away and putting our happiness outside of us. More we control, directly or by over helping and kindness, less we trust ourselves that we are going to be able to adapt, change and grow from new situations, events and people in a holistic way and see we are safe in us and trough ourselves. Self trust means that we know we are going to learn from what life throws at us and that no other situation or person is vital for our survival and emotional safety, but us. Self trust is about knowing we all have a place in this life and this world that is ours and that we are enough for just being us. Not for what we do, what we have, what we do to for ours and what we give to others. All that starts with, a choice our choice to allow ourselves to just be and focusing inwards.

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