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It's alright

Is fine to be complex and find new traits and complex emotions and feelings in new situations. I used to feel guilty and conflicted by opposite emotions, love and resentment, liking and disliking in different moments and relationships situations. I don't feel anymore this sum of emotions like an indication of something being wrong with me or luck of stability. Is just the complexity of moment to moment interaction and our own state of mind and emotions. And I should let those emotions be, while acknowledging them in their transitory nature, even if they are about present moments or revisited past moments.

Is alright to end interactions and relationships that do not represent me anymore. Because I changed and my values were revisited. If I fundamentally liked someone in my past does not mean I have to force myself to like them now, in case I actually do not. I changed and they changed and disliking them now does not mean I was wrong to like them in the past. Disliking the now does not make me a bad person, as I thought, but a person aware of own nature at the present moment, likes and dislikes and limits. It is alright to make mistakes and what looks now as wrong choices, because I learned from them and were as good as I could muster at that moment. Based on what I knew the world to be and what I thought I was. And all this is alright.

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