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One love and the miser archetype

Or I should hold tight to a certain situation, either in my love, financial or job situation as the one and only possible alternative. Somehow I have been doing this for years for in connection with different people or events without even realizing. Maybe out of I don't deserve more, or out of of fear of abandonment that also goes back to one person one situation from my very far away past. And that is so much against life and abundance. Because my life is not only one aspect but so many, some that I see and some that I learn. And if I have patience, and let the situation flow I might see is not the only thing. That it can be important and significant, of course, but is not the one and only. As is not any mistake, regret or loss. Just part of a larger river that for me is life. There is not only one path/and that is my fear of failure, one person/ and that is fear of abandonment in which at times I abandoned myself, one job or even one house or country. That is partially true and only for one moment in life, but in rest it is not. And I am not only one or two aspects, and I am not everything I think I am and I am not everything I think I am not. Is a process of discovery and the rest is just fear and control.

I am grateful for seeing this, the process involved some deep healing really uncomfortable at times and passing through it alone so that I can learn how much little credit I do give to myself. And how much love, kindness and patience I can have even for myself and through that at times to others. And that even in that particular situation that triggered the abandonment fear I was not alone. And I have all the right reasons to have more faith in myself. And that is freedom.

And a symbol of patience Spider says, “Haste makes waste. Go slow and wait for the right time.” As you do, you’ll achieve a greater understanding of all your aptitudes and traits and pull them together as a cohesive whole.

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