Re-parenting the Wounded Child

I have a Wounded Child inside me. And I tried all my life ti run away from her, to run away from my trauma and strong emotions. When I stayed with my pain that I was truly uncomfortable with and was difficult to do I realized that pain was grief. Of events and expectations I had as a child that never come true. Of mt disappointment, anger and shame, a lot of shame because I felt and was made to feel responsible for those events. I closed that door and made an effort to stop listening to that part of my brain. I could not trust or feel real joy due to this. I am really grateful for my wounded Child talking to me. I promise to always listen and take care of her. Is so much joy and love inside her and not only pain and grief and a bad child as I use to think.

Below an article about interacting with you Inner Child. Is one of the best things that happened to me.

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