When to wish equates to choose

When one is in alignment the deepest wished will be fulfilled because will take the choices leading to those wishes. Life can be chaotic at times and peaceful at others, but things do not happen to us and we can only react to them like in a Greek tragedy. Good part of that destiny is closely related to our subconscious or conscious choices. If a certain pattern repeats itself then maybe the question is what do I truly believe about the situation and what choices I support? How those choices impact oneself and the relationships to those around? Is not about feeling guilty, but more about being aware. Of thought, beliefs and actions. And that requires time. patience and some discipline. Healing is not external action, can be helped from outside though most of it is an inside job. And is a choice.

So do you get what you want and maybe what you need? how are you standing in your way? How do the other reflect your blocks back?

Relax! Even though what you are seeing now is total chaos, rest assured you will land firmly on your feet. -Cat

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