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Abundance as a state of being

Somehow somewhere in my upbringing abundance overlapped with wealth and success with achievement. And even wealth is a part of abundance and achievement a part of success they just a part and not the entire story. Abundance is more a state of being appreciative of what is in the numerous part and not focusing only on one denominator. Because regardless of the current wealth is also health, connection, relationship with self and the things one enjoys, loves and connects with. Some success is achievement and validation but also self value that is inherent with being in this life. In the same way life is also more of a state of so many things, events and people in the same time. And something to be grateful for. Because when one door closes and life closes on one part is not all of it. And the reaction is not to close back. Because is enough and everyone one is enough in a form or another. Even maybe not in the form one imagines, or the others around valued.

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