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All..are the same

I heard both women and men in my life (family, friend or colleagues) sometimes saying all men or women are the same followed by a specific quality or less of a quality. The same all are applies to nationalities or countries or organizations and so on. I personally do not like. We are almost 8 billion people at this moment in time on this planet and is hard to assume that at least few billions share the same desirable or not so desirable quality. Our brains in order to process information uses mental schemes if A then we have B. Though life, us, others do not share this mental scheme and generalizing can be damaging to us and to others. Because we do not fit in the boxes that we create.

How about challenging this fast mental schemes and find out who we are and who others are. Because the scheme will also reflect in our own life and in I always, I never for ourselves or You always or You never for those close to us. And that keeps us apart from the wonderful and complex universes that each of us is. I am never always anything, but something depending of the context. I do not fit my always image of my own box, I am changing and I am growing and I am grateful for it. Because if I do not grow the past will always decide my future. I can rewrite rewrite my future by changing how I see me and the box and the story that I should fit.

Writing this blog is self therapy that makes me feel so vulnerable. And that is good as a way to my truth and my path. And a picture of the same tree in all 4 seasons as a reminder of the cycles of life, death and growth.

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