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Anger, sadness and a carnelian bracelet

Even they seems pretty different they are all 3 connected. When starting to heal a lot of anger and sadness showed up. In different staged some deeper than the others. Anger is connected to the second chakra that in different moments I felt was closed and slowly opening. Carnelian works well for both the second and third chakra and even I love it for its glowing orange color I could never get to buy one until yesterday. The past weeks some deeper anger some of it not sure was related to showed up. I felt trapped and closed in and perfectly well out of harmony. I was also not grounded in a new way, the energy was flowing from my first chakra, but somehow got a different vibe in the connection point with the second one. When sadness also joined it something else opened in me and all of the sudden the energy felt from the ground in me felt calmer and stronger and perfectly different and the carnelian perfectly fit in there. Feels like I am coming back home to a ride that I used to know, but I got lost from. To my own power and freedom (in different combinations I have like 9 feathers tattooed) and freedom was a constant leitmotif. That I could not understand what actually meant for me. So maybe this post is about carnelian, grounding and freedom.

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