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Can you fully surrender to Source?

I saw this question asked in one of the groups I registered. And is one of those questions that I spent a lot of time with. Starting from what is actually to surrender? In many staged different answers showed up but the one that seems to work the best for me at the moment is surrender is trust in yourself and the ability to handle what is coming. Regardless of our expectations and projection of what can make us happy or what is for our own good our minds do not hold the answer to this question. Maybe what is for our good is to shed some old limiting beliefs regarding our worth and the space we occupy in the world. And that we are not going to do until we see how limiting some of our beliefs really are and that occurs with event that challenge them. And after our expectations and projections change as we do as we are changing and not fixed systems. And changing beliefs comes with changing habits and that is also a challenge. So what can make us happy in the long run might be very uncomfortable and challenging in the short run. And trusting ourselves to pass through that and learn and fail and learn some more is a projection of surrender to the Source. Because our minds are limited in what can perceive and interpret from the world when our intuition and connection to the Source is not, in the same way we will be able to see the larger picture of others and not of ourselves. To answer to the question is yes, I can do that sometimes when I truly trust myself and stop the fear from running the show. The fear of failure, the fear of punishment and not belonging, the fear of not being enough and having to prove my place in this life, fear of pain and not being able to deal with its aftermath. The fear that I associate with feeling safe as is planning for solutions to worst case scenarios that sometimes do not have solutions and will never happen. Control is fear, action when not required is fear, hyper vigilance is fear and codependency is fear. And fear is the opposite of connection. So another answer is year I can surrender when I go beyond fear. Fear and anxiety will always be a part of my experiencing the world but does not need to be the dominant one. Surrender is floating on the river of life and accepting what we cannot influence and act on what we can. Fear does not hold the answers. Connection does.

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