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Dig a little deeper

Attached the link from a song in a movie cartoon that I fully align with. In many ways healing is digging a little deeper or maybe not so little to see the real cause of some of your thoughts or actions. Our hypothalamus will determine up to 90% or our choices and activities and is run by our fears and early on lessons in life. And digging deeper will allow us to meet our fears, anger, disappointment and create the possibility of a new reality. Is like turning on the light in the attic and facing what is hiding in the darkness. The emotions, traumas, actions that we do not face and admit have the power to rule our lives in creative ways due to our brain ability to create stories about our choices at all levels. So what I can do is help you dig deeper, and hep myself to dig deeper through the many layers of what makes us being us.

Digging deeper is scary at times and uncomfortable. Moves you out of the illusion of knowledge and safety as was defined before. And gives freedom. What I looked for my entire life is freedom and many years I oriented my need outwards. In situations and relationships and that made me chaotic at times. Only recently I understood that the freedom that I look for in inwards. In what I truly love. In stories, in lyrics, in solitude and in healing. Healing is behind the stories I tell to myself. And the impact of other stories and lyrics tell me where my healing actually lies. Healing like in being free of my imagined ego that I should be or do and embracing what I am and want, regardless of how scary that is for me.

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