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Emotions and perception

So true I feel this poem and also difficult at times. Is not easy accept each guest and is not easy vilifying some of the emotions, even emotions are right and only behaviours can be wrong. But I am slowly getting there even with ups and downs especially as in my childhood several emotions have been amplified and several have been diminished. Is a common adaptation mechanism and if your shame, fear, grief and surprise were amplified while joy, interest, anger, disgust have been diminished is pretty common. And you might over amplify your mistakes and will be afraid of change and loosing control that is the manifestation of it, joining with not being fully able to celebrate when having a success, and downplaying or misinterpreting your anger or interest. But they are all guests and is a pretty uncomfortable process to get reacquainted with all your basic emotions in the same ratio. Somehow seeing them as guests for me helps as changes my perspective on them. They are not intruders but guests that come to tell me and teach me something valuable. And that is significant.

I think I mention before When Marnie was here. I completely loved the ending as talks about perception. In the end the situation that made the main heroine withdrawn and disconnected with a change of perception end up being both something to be grateful for and something she understood. Perception is important and that depends of the narrative of our own story and while the basic story stays the same, the intentions, perceptions and emotions about it can change. And that is where healing is in allowing a different perception and connection.

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