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Fear and trans-generational trauma

Fear or more taking decisions based on fear is a result of trans-generational trauma. As Europe saw two wars in the past century and the division created by the iron curtain, trans-generational trauma could be expected. Starting from lack of security, income, food, conflict, political persecutions and all the consequences can still be seen in the later generations. We might even share the original trauma and parts of how it manifested in the family culture. And one result of it is taking decisions based sometimes on that original fear. It can manifest from not choosing the career path you want to blocking parts of personality to match the origin family and values. The fear you might become the embodiment of some attitudes and behaviors from some of the family members and repressing some natural creative instincts in the process. Fear can be blocking when running our options and life saving when integrated as any other of the emotions that we experience.

My family several generations back and not that many saw war, famine, death due to lack of medication, recession, change of political regimes and lack of trust in the other and the permanent sense of danger that the first communist persecutions brought. That woke in the later generations up to me control as a way to keep safe. And that one was a clear fear based decision.

How do we heal trauma? By acknowledging the fear role in our decision making. And that is not easy. We cannot understand the burden of all experiences that our family had to experience and carry. But maybe and only maybe we can slowly let go of the fear and be whom we really are.

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