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Fear of change or cherishing your time?

I felt kind of blocked the past two weeks and low on energy. The situation at my work does not match me anymore, but I am afraid to make a significant change. I feel I want to work alone, full time, not only partial I am right now. To make my own decisions and use my most precious resource, my time, wisely. And fear appeared, because I always worked in a lab in a team and I invested so much work and effort to reach here. And it does not suit me anymore.

Fear and the need of security even illusory can trick our minds, tricks mine these days. I feel I am going to succeed following my solo path and I still feel afraid. Same fear to go from relationships that naturally finished. And is time with or without fear. Because my time is precious. And you time is precious too, and fear does not run the show.

You can either master your time or be a slave to it. You can allow other people to steal your time or you can be in control. Time is your most valuable resource and must be guarded carefully or you won’t have enough of it. And you might not even know it until then.

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