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Feeling left out

A very interesting contradiction about me is that I can feel triggered about being left out even I am in the same time rather independent and doing things in my own way and timing. Feeling left out is a far older trigger in my life than being ok with doing things in my own way and meeting the expectations agreed upon on and not the social conventional indirect, suggested ones.

Like any other trigger I learned to stay with it and let it pass because as strong that it comes it does not represent whom I am now and my own power. While being Ok with being kind, supportive and in the same time detached, and prioritizing myself. And that is something I had and maybe still have to allow myself to do. As I am not what people think or feel about me.

A little bit of a rant here, though I feel this struggle is more common - between old triggers and new cognitive ways of looking at the world, between what one thinks is valued and their own inner tendencies and values. And that is perfectly fine.

As the Smoky Mirror shows we are all connected. And taking care and accepting ourselves has power, the power of letting the others do the same, including failing and hurting, knowing that gives them the access to their own healing.


When the symbol of the Smoky Mirror appears, you’re invited to see beyond your own self. Acknowledge that, past the limits of your current ability to perceive, there is a vast interconnected world where events are orchestrated in divine order but challenging to fully grasp. Now is the time to trust that no matter what the current conditions of your world reflect, in the Hidden Realms all aspects of the human journey are celebrated: the beauty and the darkness, the misery and the courage. No matter where you are on your journey, know that some things are meant to be a mystery, which you are meant to understand only through experience. Take heart, for the Smoky Mirror will ultimately show you beauty and wonder once the fog lifts the distortion you see now.

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Could it actually be a help or an advantage being left out? It depends on the situation, but sometimes we interpret the situation to our own disadvantage when it's not.

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