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Freedom and choice

The most frequent element in my tattoos are feathers. I did not think much of it when individual tattoo choices were made, but later on I could see the feather pattern outgrowing everything. So why feather? Feather mean in my book freedom and individual path and choices, that I felt on some level I was missing. And in my journey through masks, and old and new emotions and feeling ok with being uncomfortable and hurt I found out that freedom is and has been for a while my choice that I did not choose. I chose people and situations where to prove myself to be seen and heard, and help people so that they had to stay. That was and is fear of abandonment and fear of not being enough. And I feel that now I am enough the way I am, no more to prove, no need for approval. And that is the real freedom. I can do more for myself and the world by just being me and working through my strengths and not my weakness. I trust myself and the source and guides to just be myself and work further on through and not against it. So what do you need and what do you choose? I needed freedom and chose to have it only if granted me by others. That they could not grant me my freedom because they could not and was not personal.

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