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“You have to accept and take from father and mother as who they are: One does not become a parent through moral qualities but through procreation and birth.” B Hellinger

I haven't understood these words for a very long time. Because I wanted the reality of the past to be different and another story to unfold in place. And that is why I also wanted to be different from whom I am and felt I don't belong. I see these words now and I get it. And I am grateful for being alive and for what they gave me. It was difficult at times, and I am grateful and I respect them and their choices. I am grateful for them giving me life. As simple as this is. They did their best and that was the best they could do. And I am grateful. This is my story and my reality. I belong and I always did belong in my family, that is my place.


Don’t question whether you deserve it! Release any blockages, guilt, fear, or low self-esteem. Receiving will always trigger your sense of vulnerability, so have the strength to be vulnerable. Let go of control and stop filtering what you should receive and what you shouldn’t. You are worthy of abundance in all its manifestations, unconditional love, forgiveness, peace, joy, and freedom.

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