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Gratitude and healing

The past two weeks I have been cleaning a deep seated blockage (considering the resistance and the overwhelming emotions that come through). So I spent the past weekend in the forest, for meditation and healing and the message of gratitude or the necessity of gratitude, come through. So I started this week looking at my life and all the things, people and event that I am grateful for. And more I felt the gratitude, as my blessings even sometimes I do not see them, are not few, more I felt gratitude for the failed or sad situations for shedding light on whom I was or I am. Felt gratitude for my shadow.

More gratitude lead to healing, and I understood that by resenting some of the traumas of my past I have been stuck there without moving further. And that is nothing to resent in there because I am the result of those events, with good or bad. Is not gratitude for the specific event, but for before and after it. For what it awaken in me. Gratitude is the root of healing with love, because you cannot have without the other.

When things do not go as I want I get anxious and pretty focused on only what does not work. So gratitude is a good way to keep myself grounded and belonging. Because we are never alone and everything is connected.

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