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Happy New 2024!

And all my best wishes with and for the new year that has just started. I haven't been posting in a while, not on purpose actually. For me december is more a month of self retreat, evaluation and cleaning-releasing. On top of the holidays and festivities, a time to draw some lines and add some results and trends. I try to do that every year, a sort of self analysis of what works and what does not, of what I can learn and integrate more about and move on with a new energy and some time a new and not necessary better vision into a new year. 2023 was a year with some positive change and some loss and disappointment and also a year of important insights into what I truly feel and think of and into some situations, of triggers, automatic and adaptive behaviours and personal power and truth. A year of moving through self imposed positivity and cheerfulness to the layer of anger and disappointment under it, and more to the layer of grief and loss to a sort of self acceptance that feels more like compassion. Compassion for what I did not know and made up on the way (getting knowledge and journaling helped a lot as I understood some of those automatic behaviours and perception biases), for what the rest did and does, and do not know, towards self validation and self trust. With day to day variations that I can handle due to the same compassion, as mistakes happen and are normal. Maybe in a year with more conflicts and a polarized world the compassion and acceptance of agreeing to disagree and of whom we give time and energy in our life is a personal way forward. As we are not our views, perceptions, and behaviours and choices in a limited stagnant way. Those can slightly shift and with that our life and us. What I want for 2024 for myself-authenticity and I am and have been learning about it each day at a time.

Happy and more important authentic 2024!

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