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Happy spring

Astronomic spring is just around the corner even the meteorological one might not look to be that close. Though even the meteorological one is not here, the energy shift of the spring and the plants appearance is full on. And the new energy comes with a question if no limitation and pressure where and how would you like to grow? Cannot say I have much of an answer, my answer right now is I am not sure yet. But is sure I want that growth somewhere in my inner intuition.

I also haven't written anything in a while, and I think I will make a schedule to make sure I will not find excused not to do it. Because is not like not much happened, because on a deeper level I felt a lot of healing and energy moving, and also I felt at times so much more closer to me (and less looking for validation outside) than before. And I am grateful for that.

The next part might not look that related, but in a way it is. I was watching several documentaries about cults. How they start with some useful tools, and how they progress of becoming the one and only tool and salvation. And then cults become abuse. As no one else can save us besides ourselves. No other person can be our intuition, conscience or spiritual evolution. Of course we can learn from others, but in the end only ourselves can take that role. External validation feels nice and great, but the inner one is the one that matters.

As a healer, more accurate as a mediator I feel my role is to clean up the debris and be the mirror for the time is for the highest good of the others. But the rest of the cleaning, acknowledgment, work, change, healing and intuition is on them. I cannot walk their path for them. And if mistakes happen good, they are opportunities to learn and grow. But no salvation, or awakening or enlightenment, salvation is a personal thing, our path is a personal thing. As much as we are evolved to be group based and oriented, our own lives require only one directional rapport with ourselves. And I feel I am learning that more and more.

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