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Home- looking for home

In a discussion last week the question - what did you run from or to- was asked related my moving pattern. On top that I actually I enjoy moving and usually that brought new perspective and growth opportunities, the question stayed. And guess the answer was I was looking for a home. For the home I imagined, wanted and needed, but did not have. And a home that is impossible to find outside myself, even for sure I have made the effort to grasp it. Because involves being unconditionally accepted and cared for, and that is the need of the child, and that need can be only fulfilled if going back in time and not to the real events, or if actually I fill in that need. And just like that my looking for home was in me at all times and had the answer in me at all times. And I am truly grateful for it. No more need for validation, being seen or image. I am here, I am now and with all ups and downs is an amazing feeling.


This card reminds you to trust the Divine timing of things. Trust that right now, the Universe is arranging for all the pieces to come together to fulfill your soul’s desires. No exceptions! The Universe is 100% with you. Take patience as your ally and trust Divine timing. Don’t try to make things happen through your own strength. The answer to your prayer will come and it will be right on time.

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