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Honour you own path

We all have our own path, or situations, people, events that we naturally favour and that is something to be honoured and followed even if commonly agreed on in the own life and small universe or not. I do not include in here situations and behaviours illegal, or unethical that eventually hurt intentionally people around us. And somehow I feel those will not necessary be those that the intuition or higher spirit will eventually favour. As we are responsible for our actions and behaviors as also for our own path. And if that includes being alone or in a relationship, having children or not and so on it is eventually your choice. Find your own inner voice and follow that one. That might mean being uncomfortable, not fulfilling others expectations and even some of your own, being in a group or not and finding in the process how much you actually really value and how much power and potential you might have. And that might be even more uncomfortable at times. Or happy without any particular reasons.


It is time to deepen your healing journey in the most simple and fascinating but still challenging way! This card invites you to surrender and to live your life as an embodiment of divinity, so is your inner temple ready to allow the outer temple to express only the will of your spirit who is united in consciousness with all there is? When you’re stuck in your own belief system, you’re closing the unlimited possibilities of the universe. By accepting to be nothing, you’re becoming everything; everything remains open to the possibility.

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