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How to clean away the mask?

When growing up we will learn to build and use masks. Masks for social acceptance and successful interaction or masks for our own family in order for them to feel proud of us. And they we grow into adulthood and the masks are growing and developing with us until we forget who we really are and what are our true hopes and dreams. Because of that we feel unhappy, unfulfilled or void, and we look into other people or events to fill that void. And more we do it farther away from ourselves we get.

So how to get back to your self? One of my favorite movies Spirited away proposes taking off the mask and wash what is not truly yours. Not so easy to do when you cannot even remember yourself as a young child. The way it worked for me is to feel in my body the how is it when following standards and expectations that are not really mine, but brought in by me desire to be accepted and loved. Like tension, anger and aggression. And how it feels when I follow my own expectations - light, loved and powerful. And slowly slowly all the inbuilt masks are washed away.

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