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Life is not equal, and some stories are more tragic or traumatic than others, as also more joyful and happy than others. Humans have tried to find an explanations for the differences from karma to past sin, but maybe those stories and paths are neither punishments or rewards, but only paths and stories. Maybe there are no explanations for the differences that we can come up with and they make sense only from a much larger perspective that we have. And maybe that does not matter. Maybe life just is with good and worse stories, and not with an explanation of why and what comes after. And a reminder to enjoy the good stories and cope, learn integrate the traumatic ones. As much as is possible. Without comparing our individual path and story with others, but listen and lean from others. Because the comparison can lead to either shame or victim self justification/ self righteousness. And either of the two help on long way.

Maybe life is inequal and unjust at times, not in our expectations, needs, wants or safety. And it is and is a gift as is.

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