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It is a good day to live

If is a good day to die is also a good day to live. So what does it take to be a good day to die? I feel it takes being at peace with yourself and the past, knowing who you are and committing to it and equilibrium. Exactly what it takes to live your life in a healthy way and to love.

So how do one goes there? How to go behind pain and trauma of the past, old limiting beliefs, and defense mechanisms? How to go to the silver-lining? By healing it, by looking at the cause of your beliefs, defense or trauma and understanding it. That releases the it in a similar way as turning on the light in a dark room. Because light and awareness is freedom. That is something I can help with by releasing the blockages attached to the dark so that you can see what is the event causing different patterns.

To give a personal example last weekend I become aware of the cycle going from the pressure of old expectations, adaptation to being accepted by my family and friends, to anger, followed by guilt and more pressure to not feel rejected. And so I rejected myself and I turned to sadness and grief. Visualizing the cycle opened new ways at looking at the events for what they are and not dichotomy anger and guilt. So what is your road to a day worth living for?

Attached a stone that can help connecting heart to the third eye chakra, your emotions to your intuition.

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