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It's my life and it's now

A famous song from Bon Jovi the rock band of my teenager years, and my feeling right now. That started with a long conversation with my mother. She is disappointed, sad, confused and in total disagreement with my path as a healer and all the rest this path will bring. And why her disappointment in my choices used to weigh heavily, but not anymore.

As a child I grew looking for approval and to be seen. And in order to gain that I added mask after mask and eventually almost forgot whom I was and what I really wanted. Combined with anger and distrust in me and my family for a choice that I felt but had no other choice to make. And as more and more of those masks fell and I become more clear and in alignment that triggered a feeling of pain for failed expectations in those that confused my masks with my real self.

Is one of my greatest moments to be able to accept my mother reaction, completely to be understood, and say that I will walk my path no matter what. Choosing between old expectations and masks that become my second nature, I chose my own voice and expectations. And I am proud of me for doing so.

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