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I used to have them for me, for others, things and events. It just looked naturally and obvious I should have them. The underlying emotion under those labels was to be accepted, combined with shame and feeling I caused whatever did not work and work harder to overcome what did not work and the shame. A self-repeated cycle that caused a tunnel vision about myself and the world, control and loneliness. And was not true, that was not real even looked so real for so long, as less real as my labels were and still are.

I am a complex person, with parts that I know about myself and parts that I am learning each day in different situations. I am part of my old and sometimes popping up labels and your labels and so much more. Like everyone else. Like life is, that is so much larger than us with all our failed attempts to control. Is now and not later or earlier.

I like the following quote, though hard to accomplish -first step reevaluation and letting go of my labels. There are easy, and create the impression that I have the answer and I am safe. Am I truly?

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