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Labels and acceptance

This post is connected to my previous one, why do we care for approval? maybe because in my case I label myself as something that gives me value and worth and not see the limitations of that label. Like sometimes i label myself as smart and that was something important for my family. And because I am so attached to the label, I refuse sometimes to see where I am actually not smart and learn, from others, from not knowing, from what I perceive as a direct attack or contradiction on the label. Another label is I am liked, but sometimes I am not and sometimes I am bad at reading social cues and can be a pain to deal with. Both label limits me, and prevent me to explore outside of what I associate with them, and no I am not smart, sometimes I am just the opposite, stubborn, incapable of hearing an argument and willing not to learn because I dont see the value in learning a specific skill or so. And sometimes I am not liked or even likeable, and that is not even bad. I might have some other labels that I am attached to but these come out as these require the validation and self validation, And I am still worth even not smart and not likeable.

A symbol of wisdom, as for me wisdom and smart do not fully overlap.

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