Life is a journey

I am repeating myself, but somehow I got a new inside to what the journey really means for me now. And I can see now how much I evaluated parts of my journey professional or personal as success or failure based on prior expectations, that somehow I did not always fully see. And if it failed due to those expectations I would discard the significance of the process and what I learned on the way. Without seeing how important also failure was to my values.

I am so focused on the end result that I forget to enjoy the small and big moments on the way. And life is not about an end goal but about learning for me. I am learning how I can sabbotage myself and responsibility for what I dfined as failures. Because you don't know you don't know something until you see what you don't know. I am learning real values, needs, expectations and relationship with myself.

I know the focus on the end point comes from my need of control and I realize I dont need that either. I have all I need to be successful on my path and let my path be defined every day. Its really that easy.

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