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Life is a journey not a destination

What will you do if this is your last day of life? Close your eyes and imagine that this is the ending. What will you do with your last day? My answer is that I will say goodbye to my family and friends (yeap the texting type) and use that day to connect and say good bye to Mother Earth and thank for my time here and to connect also to my guides and prepare for the trip. And be alone. In rest will choose to eat, drink water and take a walk.

And that is also my goal and my direction, connection, belonging and healing. Every job, relationship and or vacation starts with an intention. For many years my intentions were to learn, to prove myself that I can do it and overcome a certain challenge (research fit), to have company, aka not being alone and to be independent. That grew to my goal now. And I am grateful for it. As my life is a journey and I appreciate every single step.

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