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New beginnings

Sometimes new beginnings feel like endings, and that was a strong feeling that I had this week, while moving to a new location and job. That I am excited about, while in the same time feeling a loss of something familiar- in my old set up. Somehow the feeling of loss took me a little by surprise, as I was not expecting it, though might be the residual of an ending. And that is uncomfortable, and sometimes the best thing for me to do is to sit with feeling uncomfortable without asking why and how, but let the feeling just take its time and direction and go on its own accord. Because maybe is not only excitement and happiness to feel at the new beginnings but also pain, disappointment and past anger that makes its way to be released. And that is easy by not engaging but observing the feeling and let it be. Sometimes the best action is no action.

Avoidance of the so called negative emotions does not help, but eventually leads to building a protection for not feeling hurt, in pain, disappointed or betrayed. And that is impossible because most likely we are going to be, and we are going to feel that. And the protection, while beneficial in the moment, can lead to fear of change, fear of intimacy, fear of expression, fear being the protection mechanism to not be hurt.

So maybe my point today is loss and discomfort are also good in their own way. Let them be as that might be the path to freedom.

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