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Only for today

When I learned the reiki principles I wondered why they start with just for today or only for today. Why one day at a time?Until I ended up in a stressful situation, and when stressed I get obsessed with unimportant details and slightly paranoid. And that makes me even more stressed and so on. So I remembered only for today..and started with only for this evening I will not worry and feel my anxiety up to my neck. And it worked, I did the 5-1 exercise 5 things one can see, 4 that can touch, 3 that can hear, 2 that can smell and 1 that can in any other order and I grounded and then I added only for today in my meditation routine. And it worked, and every time in the time frame when a thought was jumping up to bring anxiety I would block it. My change started with only for today and was powerful. Reducing anxiety made me feel clear and grateful for what was. So only for today and decide which one or ones behaviors to start to change. Intention-though-action. Only for today, tomorrow is not here.

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