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Again I haven't posted anything in a while, but guess was just slightly busy with life in a way. Nevertheless my post is not about that, but about a very interesting quotation found in an anime if you think you are stuck then is a prison, if you choose it then is a castle. And that raises the question of perception, of feeling stuck against feeling free. And both of them come from perception and fear. As in reality we are never really stuck, life changes and us with it. We might be short on what look like good options at some point, and waiting for better ones or opportunities can help. Or we might be short of options because we do not know what to choose. Both situations are fine and both require patience to sort through. But at the end we are not really stuck. Yes, that might require change and a new perception, and that particular transformation can take time and be painful or tedious at times. But is a choice. We do choose between the prison and the castle. We choose what we do with our past and past perception and present ones. Including to feel stuck in life and life as being a heavy burden (been there) and it was and in the same time wasn't, but that was my perception in time. Perceptions, like choices change with us. And yes there is fear, fear of the time and investment lost, fear of loosing an opportunity or situation, fear of not belonging. And that is also a choice. As also the choice of carving my own prison from fear, and that looks even worse of a punishment than fear alone. Authenticity is scary especially when blending in was and felt at times after safe, but is more freeing on long term.

Yes, it is likely I will be betrayed in my life, or abandoned, or not seen or trusted (some of the fears I have) so what? I trust that I can do damage control and if not, learn something from the situations, and eventually move on. Because neither pain or betrayal are permanent and they can be and are lessons to be learned.

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