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Perception and reality

Reality is filtered by our perception, we do not see reality just an image of it redesigned by our view of the world coming from past experiences and feelings from the past or now. And that mixture of past experiences and feelings can be both advantageous as the mechanism has evolved to keep us alive and disadvantageous as will keep us in a box that can become to small. Changing the perception can change our reality and the box that might not serve us anymore. In that direction of perception alteration I realized I have been blocked for many years in a leaving and resisting pattern. Leaving when the situation seems dangerous and I cannot see a solution to deal with it and resisting in the leaving pattern even when the situation becomes safe. And a view of the world as unsafe and a little dangerous and hypervigilance on my side. In the healing process the perception and the reality of it shifted to feeling safe here- as I am as adult and was not at all times as a child- and not needing to leave and anxiously finding dangers in the environment. And with that change of perception come the realization that by the mixture of the connection and grounding I can nurture and not by blocking them as I have learned in the past that over amplified the leaving pattern mode. And that mixture of connection and grounding can keep more here and now free.

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