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Respect, enough and taking decisions

Not having much in common, the only common trait of the two words is that I have felt what they really mean to me only recently. I have struggled especially with respect, as in my family respect was a mixture of acceptance and obedience. So when thinking if I do respect I had a serious challenge in getting to understand what it really means. And recently it downed on me that respect is either of both, is more than acceptance is reality as now in means that respect is taking in actions and people and knowing you do not have a say in those actions. While accepting means that you might or you could in the right circumstances change the outcome. Respect goes to our parents and the life they gave us and we took, and to our lives and other people in it. One does not have to like an outcome, but respect understanding of having no way to influence that outcome.

Enough/ I felt I was and could not have enough. And what is enough? Where enough starts and where does it end? Is it the size of your property or of your bank account? When is one enough or has enough? I have understood that I am enough, meaning I can react and act to whatever life has given me, in the better with gratitude and in the worse with humility. And for me having enough is having myself and my cat, Omidee, nothing more. All the rest are nice to have, but I can live without them. Then I do have enough.

The third thing I have struggled was taking decisions. I thought I was bad at it and took them in a smallest of the two evils kind of situation. Not true, I took so many decisions big and small and some were good and some were not that good and I learned from all of them. Even in the smallest of the two evils I grew and changed from those choices. I am accountable for the consequences of my choices and have been for a very long time, and not letting the fear of not being or having enough and gas lighting is the way to stay clear.

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