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Road from emotions to actions

One of the things that can help a lot when experiencing very strong emotions / triggers and even subconscious patterns is to separate the emotions from actions. For that the first step is to separate the emotion from the thought - I feel I am always wrong is a thought. I feel guilty, ashamed or in pain, and that emotions is meant to stay with, find it where appears in the physical body and let it stay and pass at its own accord. Emotions are meant to be felt, not necessary thought or acted upon, and even highly uncomfortable any emotion will eventually pass. The thoughts that associate with these emotions can be dissociated until a more calm and grounded state is achieved and the logic and clarity of the thoughts can be disputed or not. Third step taking an action from the place of calm and logical evaluation of the situation. We are all responsible for our perceptions, emotions and actions, and one does not need to overshadow the other. Sometimes that is what being the witness is.

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