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Safety, fear and revenge

I saw some days ago a small documentary about a senior cat. She was abandoned after her owner died, was mistreated and eventually after 1 year end up in a shelter where was also diagnosed with cancer- slow growing but still to be excepted as lethal. the first month the cat was cared and rather aggressive towards the new sitters/ shelter personnel, but eventually started to trust more and opened up even toward sitters that were not full time around her. In many ways after trauma especially repeated trauma we do behave rather similarly to the cat from the story. Fear, luck of trust and maybe defensive-aggression. And that is normal. It will take time to learn to trust and at the end we will have better/ thicker walls and boundaries and that is to be expected. We are not going to go back to exactly how were were before, but that does not mean that we do not have a way further. And in the process maybe we can try to avoid inflicting damage to others/ as a sort of revenge victim being right syndrome. Because we are not responsible for the trauma inflicted but we are for our own growth and healing. And revenge will not bring any of that.

I lost tis card during the weekend/ from one of my most used oracle card decks. And in some ways it does tie to the theme.


You are no longer fragmented; you are one with Creation. You have healed the cause of the pain you feel, so you do not need to dwell on it any longer. Really, it’s true! If you are still hovering over an old wound, find a new flight path. Don’t be distracted with the little stuff you’ve already mastered. Go for the big one, the journey back to Eden.

Because soul retrieval is not going back to the original state, but appreciating life from the new experience, new boundaries new approach. Because that sounds right now for me as growth.

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