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Shame, the unbearable weight

Shame is one of the most common place emotions. Defined as a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior, it helps in self assessment and social interaction. But when it is not felt and expressed, but buried in our subconscious is going to rule our life. Will hinder our creativity, learning from our mistakes and in the end our happiness. So healing it is the base pf our growth and development.

So what causes this unexpressed heavy load? Feeling not loved and appreciated enough, feeling not belonging. We do belong not only in our family system, but also in the system of living systems going from a small plant, to a tree or a bacteria and a wale. We are all alive, exchanging energy (aka information) and interacting in this big all comprising energy system.

How do we prevent further unexpressed shame? simple just expressing it to people that we trust. Mistakes are growth opportunities, failure is mostly caused by not realistic expectations, sometimes expectations that we learned, but does not belong to us. At all moments the best we could do at that particular point so why feeling the shame?

Heal the shame and gain your freedom and joy!

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