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Snail and patience

Stuck to me from a book I was reading that healing is seeing the reality of why you are stopped in your way. You can stop in your way just because you want stability when you should have courage or liberty when actually is only one way forward. And then you just give rounds not moving because you don't accept what is needed at that time. I feel I am in a point like this and the healing I am doing can be summarized in the healing, or what reality I try not to see right now. I feel like some things that I healed before do not look so healed after all and that I am a little bit doing rounds. And then the message this morning was a snail- have patience you are on the right path but take it easy and enjoy the so I need now faith, courage and patience. Not easy as due to anxiety would like to ride over the phase in speed, but then I would miss the ride. Courage instead of stability......that is what this is about.

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