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Spring and new beginnings

Spring is in the air, not really mostly wishful thinking, but have been several sunny days and the first spring flowers are already here. And spring comes with growth and new beginnings, and new beginnings start with letting go - of the past, winter or whatever holds you back. A new start is an old ending, so what would you like to let go and change? Behaviour, attachment, idea? In my case is that I can control the outcomes. And I cannot and that comes with feeling unsafe, afraid and further on guilty. I am right now in between, waiting for my direction/ inspiration intuition to come. And has blocked me on several layers, but not anymore. I choose to let go of my need to know and trust that I am safe and can keep myself safe and I have the necessary abilities to thrive to whatever comes to me. So this is my spring beginning.

Another thing I feel like saying for the new spring is not other-ing people, regardless of their choices, values, colour, gender, political options or whatever else. I might agree to disagree or not want another person around, but is not me the holder of their truth, but my own, and is limited and determined by my own perception. And other-ing is looking at others and make them less than human because our truths do not align. I am and everyone else is entitled to their own truth and perception, and that does not affect our quality to be humans and travellers in this life. We are all born, we are all going to die and we are all going to experience the highs and lows of our life path. We have a lot in common in our human experience than our boxes might less us think. I don't try to say accept everyone else we are like 8 billions/ we are long time over that, but live and let live. Happy spring!

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