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Storytelling and healing

  • I am fascinated with stories, my hobby is of course reading. Not writing because for many years I believed firmly that I was bad at it. Maybe I still am, but that does not matter anymore because stories can change and heal ones life. And I am prepared to heal mine on more levels and deeper.

  • So why now? because of memento mori, remember that you will die. One of my middle school and high school colleague died last weekend for cancer. Felt sad and remembered so many moments that we shared for 8 years together. And that life is not fair and because we work hard and be kind is not going to offer as a long life free from diseases. That diseases as also our height, eye color or IQ are an interaction between our genes and the environment and as is fair to be smart is also fair to develop a medical condition or another.

  • What about? My life story and my journey.

So welcome to my truth!

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