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Sun and vacation

Sometimes all I need is sun, and was great to spend some days on vacation in Spain, in a beautiful city with an amazing architecture and varied cultural influences ranging from moors to Spanish, French, Roman, Celtic, Visigoth and so on in no particular order. And that reminded me of the complicated at times history and cultural values and change. Change that comes sudden and brutal or slowly by just neighbouring a country or another. And life in general - several well preserved fossils - much older than the time of our specie on earth, sudden and slow changes that happened to life forms and our planet. Change is inevitable, inescapable, sometimes fast and brutal and at other times slow and almost unseen. But is always there, and my need of safety against change is useless and in a way against life. Like peace, happiness, fear or pain, sun or vacation there are all transitory and changeable experiences. And real peace comes with realization that I will do my best I can do in a particular situation and time, and that I can learn something from both successes and failures. My life did not turn out to be what I imagined, planned and thought was going to be safe in my 20 s and that might be a very good thing. Is an experience, is personal and is authentic. It does not come with the promise of all success and all knowing or illusion of safety from known circumstances that at times are nothing but safe, but from embracing change. And my voice.

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