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Think broadly

I have the tendency when I have a problem to obsess only on it and not see anything else. And if the problem does not have an immediate solution or a foreseeable one, my obsession gets higher and higher, until I became fully stressed and out of balance. And Saturday, talking with a colleague, I realized that it does not need to be like this. I have many things that I care about and I have healing that I care deeply about. I can help people and I can do that much better and willingly when I am not stressed. And that my problem is just one of many and not that important after all to become the center of my well being. So one way to solve my problem obsessing behavior is to look at the larger picture of what I like and whom I am and take peace and gratitude from it. And give myself some time off after which I will see the problem from a different point and find a solution. Perspective is the key.

Largely, a number of my inner conflicts are generated by the opposition what I want and what I think I should. If I choose what I want, I feel guilty and if I choose what, I should after some time, I feel angry. And, I can see writing this, that is not reason to feel guilty for choosing what gives me joy (it used to when I grew up). Because joy gives me motivation, confidence and initiative and overall a better results that should. So seeing the larger picture and allowing myself to do what I choose to naturally is the key to my peace and love. After all things are simple and only our minds makes

them complicated.

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