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Truth vs rationalizing

Even both seem natural to our brain, there is a large difference between truth and rationalizing. Rationalizing comes natural to our psyche. When making a decision of any type. And can also limit us because will provide logical arguments that might hide fear. or pain, or both. Truth offers freedom from those self fulfilling limiting cycles. But where to find the truth? I guess there the answer is individual, for me is in what really feels good even scares me and rises my anxiety level to 100.

What I have been rationalizing is my deep fear of abundance. On some level I want abundance and want to be happy. On another I don't feel I deserve it so I limit it. And I choose situations that keep me limited. The truth is I deserve to be happy and abundant but rationalizing starts with shame- who I am to deserve it and who I think I am to deserve it. All this fear runs in the shadow level and comes as a trait in my family. By choice - I should not want more, if it works in one field of life is should not work in all. And that is limiting. And is not true.

'In the beginning was the Word....' And that is all there was, and it was enough.”

― N. Scott Momaday, House Made of Dawn

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