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We don't need another hero

In this weekend at home down with a cold, I had a chat with my mom about the need of heroes in our history text books. The type of mythological heroes like in Hollywood blockbusters that are the sum of all great qualities. And the need in the same type for villains that the heroes fight. Though life is not black and white, we can all be heroes in some moments and villains in others. We all have unmet needs, traumas, limiting beliefs. And we can all react from that place of grief and anger. As we can act from a place of love and understanding. So might be a good time to transform our heroes in people. Regardless if they are war heroes or just the actor or singer that you love. To allow them to be just people that can make mistakes and learn and grow like any of us. And maybe to allow our parents, the heroes of our childhood, to become people. And even more to allow us to become people. And to accept ourselves as we are with our petty failures and great victories. With our mundane life and everyday greeting to a cloud, a leaf or an insect. Because maybe being the hero is just being yourself in all your colors.

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