What are you deal-breakers?

Years ago while analyzing if I should stay or if I should go from a relationship I encountered a couples therapy book from which I still remember two questions. First is do you like your partner? And the second is what are your deal-breakers?

First was difficult to answer as I did not like myself entirely only part. So I could see separate parts that I like and dislike about people. When I manage to see all of me the answer to that question becomes easy in my mind. Emotionally and physical was always easy, but I did not trust it. Because I could feel that I enjoyed or not company of other people. And that equates to I like them or not.

The second question took years to formulate truly my answers. Mine are 3 deal-breakers, to be applied also in my relationship with myself:

1- To feel seen, heard and validated when I need emotional help,

2- To have my boundaries respected,

3- To have an equilibrium between mixed emotions (sadness with laughter and so on).

Below the levels of consciousness by David R Hawkings. Where are you in there?

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