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What is your life script?

Life script or the ending is written in the beginning , is a set of childhood decisions made unconsciously by a person in response to parental messages about self, others and the world. You can access your life script by describing in detail the favorite childhood story or how you see in an old age. Or by healing (aka therapy) as I like to call it, or by psychotherapy.

My life script was written around 3 injunctions and 4 decisions:

Don’t be important.” the most used sentence of my childhood that lead to

“If, by chance, I ever do become important, I’ll play down my accomplishments.” that I did all my adult life.

“Don’t be a child.” the second most used sentence that lead to “I’ll take care of others and won’t ask for much myself.”

“Don’t be close.” one of my moms favorite that lead to “I let myself love once, and it backfired. Never again!”

And the decision I am responsible for the emotional well-being of those that I love and I should block and control my emotions or parts of me that affect the emotional state of those close to me. My life script did not bring much happiness.

I realize now that I am only responsible for my own emotional well-being. I need to take care of me first and to celebrate my victories or my lost battles. Love is a blessing not something to be afraid of.

Last night I dreamed that I I was going somewhere with my choice of a limited baggage. I left most of my clothes behind (felt like forever) and took few with me that were really comfortable. The luggage was small, light and contained only what was needed. For me packing only few clothes represents letting go of my image and releasing my emotional baggage or most of it. Is time!

Attached a stone for patterns removal - tourmalinated quartz!

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