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What you seek is seeking you - Rumi

And in order to find and be found you need trust, trust you are enough and what you bring to the table is enough. These days I am in transition mode to a new job, and not only a different job, but a place where my talents are used in a way that I feel fulfilled. For that I needed to trust that a stage of my life ,where I could not trust myself combined with my desire to fit moved me to lengths I was unhappy, is over. I am creative, intuitive, friendly and a healer mostly and that is what I bring to the world. And I bring this both in my private and career life that are actually both life. I am me in my career as I am at home, and that took a long time to learn.

I am also all the pictures and projections that others sees in me, but I am not limited to that and only that. All my life I have looked for love and a home and that was what was seeking me too. Grateful to be here, not as I planned, wanted or hoped, but in many ways so much better. Not sure where I am heading and that is fine, as I feel supported and guided in ways I did not allow myself to be.

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Good plans always lead to something good...

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